WHAT IS THE Young Professional Economists Network?

Published on 18 October 2014

YPEN is consciously engaging young economists across the world for a practical re-examination, the understanding and appreciation of economics.


We all look at the world through veils of theories and assumptions. In this sense, our observation and interpretations are inextricably bound together. This has important implications for the study of economics and all its related applications. In particular, it highlights the need to uncover the presuppositions and assumptions that are brought to economic inquiry of everyday living.

For so many decades now, economic development challenges seem not to be lessening; it is rather seen to be on the ascendancy. The global economy is more complicated than it is simply seen. This is happening on the background that, throughout all these years, various forms of economic policies and programmes have been implemented and some are still being implemented, yet, we are left with the begging question; are we getting the desired results? For want of a better description, we may say that perhaps, we are not applying the correct medicine to our economic ailment, or maybe, we have not been able to really ascertain what really our economic challenges and thinking patterns are. Whichever lens you look through, the global economy have a unique challenge of identifying the right framework of new economic thinking to survive. The case of the global twist in our current economic thinking and the challenges that we face is the same everywhere.

Young Professional Economists Network (YPEN) is therefore established to be the vehicle of change, by raising global professional economists who are seeking to question the foundation of our current economic thinking and practices and establish thinking patterns and concepts that are relevant and tailor-made for our current economic challenges. We strongly believe that nurturing young minds on the economic realities is a sure way of safeguarding the global economy against any future economic mishaps. We also believe that the global economy needs new set of economic thinkers and – new mind sets – a way of thinking that reflects on the very economic reality of the global economic setting. It is expedient that we adopt new economic theories to solve the economic problems of our nations, continent and the world on the whole. We have therefore created the platform to inspire and instil new economic thinking paradigm. We share a common understanding of making a change through the economics profession.

YPEN is consciously engaging young economists across the world for a practical re-examination, the understanding and appreciation of economics. Our platforms encourage young economists to step forward and examine the world freely -- - to ask the difficult questions and to say what they have been afraid to say. Our network is open to all young economists across the world. Take this wonderful opportunity by becoming a Young Professional Economist. Apply for membership wherever you are in the world. Take this opportunity to join our network.

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